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Stay Active

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

Were you training for a Spring Marathon that has been postponed? Not sure where to go from here?

I expect questions are playing on your mind like how much more training should I do? How long do I rest for? When shall I up my mileage again? Here are a few tips to stay on track:

  • Don't worry, the fitness you have gained from training will stay with you for a good few months.

  • It's okay to have a rest but it's important to keep the running ticking over, both for your mind and your body.

  • Run at least 3 x a week with one of those runs being a long one of 10 miles.

  • Most Marathons have been postponed until early October, so work backwards and plan your longest run of 20 miles for 4 weeks before the big day.

  • Up until 4 weeks before, keep up with strength training to prevent injuries and don't over do it on the mileage, most of the hard work has been done already.

  • It's also worth planning sports massage once a month from July onwards.

  • Plan your pre and post marathon massages in advance, it could otherwise slip your mind.

  • Keep up with a healthy nutritional diet and most of all stay well and safe.

Happy running everyone!


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