Covid Safety

Keeping us both safe

  • I have been fully vaccinated and I test at least twice a week using the government recommended lateral flow tests.

  • In my own clinical space I thoroughly clean the area and keep a 10 minute gap between client treatments.

  • When attending the patients own home I arrive wearing a mask and wear PPE before the treatment starts and all my equipment is cleaned upon arrival to the home.

  • I adhere to my governing body policies and procedures when using PPE under the current government guidelines.

  • All my patients receive a guidelines document which explains how I am keeping them and myself safe from contracting COVID-19.

  • All my patients are required to complete a pre treatment declaration form to confirm they are free from COVID and are to contact me if they have been in contact with someone who is positive with COVID within the last 24 hours before their appointment.

  • All my patients are required to wear a face mask upon arrival and during their treatment unless they are exempt.

  • All my patients will be informed by me if I contract COVID-19 or if I have been in contact with someone who has COVID-19 and I do my best to rearrange the appointment at a convenient time for the patient.