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Privacy Policy

Louise Acher Sports Therapy – LA-Sports Massage

Updated 4th June 2020

Personal data gained from all clients in order for me the therapist to carry out safe treatment and advice to the client is kept through GDPR.

All client consultation notes which include name, address, contact numbers, GP details and information on medical history and current injury information is stored within my practice and kept confidential.  All notes are scanned and saved under password protection to the computer, which also has virus protection.  Paper notes are then shredded and disposed of.

The reasons for taking this data is for identifying the client for my records, to be able to refer back to treatments regularly.  To be able to communicate with clients on giving advice and booking appointments, either through the website, email or phone and use secure mobile phone for video consultations which are not recorded or used by anyone but the client and therapist.

Medical history is taken so that the therapist is able to carry out assessment and treatment safely.  GP details are taken in case there is ever a need for the therapist to refer to the GP – with consent from the client.

No client information is shared unless there is a need of referral to any other professional or that the client wishes to take legal action against the therapist, where then notes would need to be shared with a legal representative.

All notes taken are kept on file password protected for 8 years, the client has the right to ask to see their notes at any time during the 8 years from when treatment started.

Photos and videos may be used on the website, however, this is only with the clients permission and signed consent.

All clients are required to sign a declaration agreement for the therapist to carry out treatment. This policy also states that under the new guidelines for safety of infection control to prevent the spread of COVID-19, all clients will be asked to complete a COVID-19 questionnaire and sign a declaration to confirm all the information given is true.  These documents will be scanned into the system saved under password protection and the paper copies will be shredded.

This policy may be updated from time to time to fall inline with legal changes and keep up to date with GPDR standards.

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