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Is sports massage right for me?

Sports massage is a type of massage given through soft tissue and deep tissue.  Sports massage is for everyone not just a sports person.


It was primarily developed to help improve sports performance, fitness and exercise by reducing pain and preventing further injury.  However, nowadays, sports massage can help improve a variety of aches and pains in skeletal muscles and increase range of motion in the joints for everybody.

It is very effective for anyone looking to ease tight or painful muscles or relieve musculoskeletal pain caused by stress or over worked muscles, from an everyday repetitive activity or more simply from spending long hours at a desk.

Neck and Shoulder Massage

The benefits of sports massage

• Eases sore muscles and joints

• Relieves stress and anxiety

• Improves mobility

• Promotes soft tissue healing
• Improves blood flow

• Aids relaxation and well-being

• Increases flexibility

• Improves posture

How LA Massage and Sports Therapy can help


I am qualified and experienced sports massage therapist. Find out more about me and what people are saying. 

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Discover the benefits of sports massage therapy, what I can help you with and what happens when you book an appointment.



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Covid 19 Safety


Covid has made life tough for us all over the last year and at a time when lots of people need treatments, it can be confusing to know what options are available. Safety is paramount. 

Find out how I am keeping us both Covid safe


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