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Using a foam roller during lock down

Whilst we are unable to have our

regular sports massages during this time an alternative to help release the aches and tight muscles is to use a foam roller.

A foam roller is a form of self myofascial release, which like a sports massage can help to relieve tender points in the muscles that may be tight or have a build up of lactic acid. Foam rolling can also improve flexibility in the muscles. Foam rolling can be used as part of a warm up, but mainly post exercise to reduce soreness.

The main muscles where a foam roller will help are:

Glutes which can help to reduce lower back pain, hip pain, and release tightness in muscles that could be causing nerve systems down the leg.

Quads, who doesn’t have tight quads? These muscles are used all the time – walking, running, cycling, just going up and down the stairs, the foam roller will loosen up the muscles.

Outside (lateral side) of the thigh – here we have the Iliotibial band, most runners will be aware of this one which can get very tender after long distance running and running on the camber of the road in a race. The foam roller works well on the ITB to release tension. Bare with it though as it can be really painful if very tight. Take deep breaths as the roller goes over the ITB.

Calf’s, another area that gets quite tight and tender, as we use these muscles all the time. Especially runners will find their calf muscles get very tight. Holding the foam roller at tender points for 10 seconds will help release the tightness.

Back muscles, using the foam roller here is great for loosening up the mid back and discomfort around here.

Enjoy using the foam roller and feel the benefits in the interim.


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